“Zuber is everything you could want in a coach. I enjoyed our coaching sessions, I have made huge process towards my personal success with his help. Zee is very knowledgeable, experienced and endlessly helpful. I have already recommended him to my friends.” April O’Rielly Graduate BSc Biology

You gain more than just a coach. You get a better YOU back. That is my PROMISE.

6 MONTHS COACHIG AGREEMENT: £5,800.   36 hours (typically 1.5hrs every week)

I am here to serve you. To challenge you. To ask you and tell you the things no one else would.

Usually within 6 sessions most of my clients have solved all their initial reasons and concerns they came to the coaching for. After that, we focus on how to make them the best of the best. That is when the fun really begins.

Coaching is either done in person or over the phone. You will gain my personal phone number and access to me throughout.

I am forever amazed at what humans are capable of cultivating and creating given the right environment and right conversation. I have set my aim in life to completely master harnessing these environments for people to gain realisations and clarity. If this is something you would like, work with me.

I have had the incredible privilege to work with people from every walk of life. Billionaires, celebrities, royals, owners of large companies, owners of start-ups, musicians, students and professionals. I have worked with mothers, sons, daughters, fathers, couples, singletons, children and adults.

If you want to improve, are willing to create a space for this to happen and trust the process, I can help.

If you are interested in working together email me at