What is a life coach?

A life coach is a person who helps individuals reach their goals faster and with more clarity and focus, while removing as many barriers as possible.

Essentially a life coach is a bit like a personal trainer at the gym: a personal trainer will not be working out for you, but will help you work out more effectively. This then allows you to become aware of each exercise and helps you get to your goal do you want to maybe say quickly and efficiently, while gaining many insightful tooks along the way Up to you, otherwise much quicker also works.

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How exactly does it work?

Each coach their own method of working. Some of the ways are as follows:

– Creating a global vision of where the individual is in life at the moment and then looking at which areas they want to improve and how
– Helping to create focused and effect goals
– Understanding the inner dynamics of each action and the thoughts behind these actions
– The origins of certain thoughts
– Understanding patterns that are happening and how they may be effecting the outcome set
– Creating tools to overcome negative thoughts
– Role playing to overcome barriers that are effecting progress
– Becoming an accountability partner
– Helping to create greater emotional intelligence
– Assisting in understanding the entire cycle of each thought and their consequences


Zuber is everything you could want in a coach. I enjoyed our coaching sessions, I have made huge process towards my personal success with his help. Zee is very knowledgeable, experienced and endlessly helpful. I have already recommended him to my friends.

April O’Rielly
Graduate BSc Biology

I got direction. Things were very messy in my head and Zuber helped put things into perspective and prioritize.

Mazin Lawand
Director of Kashipan

Zuber has the ability to explain everything from his point of view and create his own examples, that makes everything simple, rather then taking the information from the book, which sometimes can be hard for nonnative speakers to understand (myself included).

Above all the knowledge that I gained from Zuber, I gained my passion for studying back. Despite teaching me psychology, Zuber is a good friend who motivated me to take more opportunities in life and develop as a human. His positivity and energy that he always brings to the class do help you improve and make you feel better. I strongly believe that the teacher is the person who either going to make you hate the subject or embrace your knowledge and love for it. Zuber definitely helped me and I believe is going to help others.

Psychology student

Zuber was very helpful in learning new things and understanding every topic and every study i learned. When other teachers made psychology really hard and complicated Zuber made it very simple to understand and interesting for me. I am very happy that i found this kind of tutor as it is very rare and he really helped me in improving my knowledge of psychology.

Psychology student

He’s an exceptional listener and he represents the interests of his fellow students with passion. I’ve found I can give him any task and he will not only get it done to a professional level, but if he doesn’t know something, he’ll get the extra research done so that he can complete it.

Dr Claudia Uller
Senior Lecturer/Director of Studies at Kingston University